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Naruto’s payment methods – Chapter 2

Naruto walked slowly through Konoha’s forest looking down at the dirt he walked on. He had a sad expression on his face. He kept on walking regretting what he had done.

I knew I should’ve never had sex with the Hokage. Even my instinct felt like I really shouldn’t of have! But… the sex was surely amazing. Just the feeling of pounding her ass makes me want to go back there and do it again… even without the lube!”

Naruto thought as he kept on walking to the Demon Country.

I can’t believe I got kicked out of the village. Now I’ll never become Hokage, if it wasn’t for that stupid Danzou and his stupid sharingan.”

Naruto kept on walking through the forest with his face down, still thinking of what just happen.

It felt like all my dreams crashed and right after I finally lost my virginity! It happen so fast too! I woke up thinking it was gonna be another day at the office. Then when I entered this guy was next to Tsunade looking outside the window. He said he knew that I and the Hokage had sex… apparently his fake sharingan saw it all.

I can’t even believe that he told me to leave the village saying that I only had sex with her to become Hokage.

Sheesh what a motherfucker.

Even if I go back I’m sure that he would tell everyone the truth and that would ruin Tsunade. So I’m pretty much screwed just as Tsunade is. I guess I’m a rogue ninja now, expected to be doing bad things. Any ways… I need some money so I better start running.”

Naruto jumped onto a tree trunks and dashed on ahead to his destination slow Continue reading

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Sakura Hentai deep penetrating

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